by Lee Hurley

Arsenal have been charged by the FA after allegedly breaching football agent regulations in regards to the Calum Chambers transfer from Southampton.

The FA first opened their investigation at the start of February but, back then, would not reveal why they were looking in to the deal.

At the time of writing, very few details have been added to the story other than the club have now been charged and have until 26th June to respond.

As we reported when the investigation first opened neither Arsenal, Chambers nor Southampton had a problem with the transfer but it was being claimed at the time that a third-party (who the hell that could be is anyone’s guess) was unhappy with the deal.

Arsenal weren’t even informed at the time what the investigation was about and no-one was offering any comment.

Not much has changed in the four months since the investigation opened.

Alan Middleton, Chamber’s agent, has also been charged. He has until 17th June to respond.