by Sylvain Jamet in Canada

England will play Colombia while France will play Mexico in the final group F games.

The top two teams from each group qualify as well as the four best third placed teams out of the six groups.

To win Group F and play the Group E runners-up

England win &

a France do not beat Mexico

b France beat Mexico, both teams have six points, England are 2-2 on goal difference, France are 1-2, England need to have a better goal difference or the same goal difference & score more goals.

IF England and France end up with the same goal difference and same number of goals scored criteria d) applies and France will be better than England as they won the head to head game.

To finish runners-up in Group F and play the runners-up in group B:  Norway

  1. England win, France beat Mexico and end up with a better goal difference or exactly the same goal difference and goals scored.
  2. England draw, finish with four points and Colombia with five points. As long as France do not win, this is good enough as England would have a better goal difference than France or more points.

To finish in third place and qualify in top 4 out of 6 third placed team and play 1C or 1D

  1. England draw finish with four points, while France win. England are guaranteed to be in the top four third placed teams as there are three third placed teams with three points.
  2. England loose finish in third place with three points, they end up with the GD which is the differential on the day against Colombia ie -1 if they lose by one goal or -2 if they lose by two goals.

They will go through if the group E third placed team finishes with one or two points or three points and a worse goal difference than England.