by Nia Griffiths

A rumour circulating on the Twittersphere on Friday was that the Arsenal club shop is refusing to print either Szczesny 1 or Ospina 13 on the back of shirts.

This doesn’t mean anything bad, in my opinion. Certainly not that they are both necessarily leaving – I think Wojciech Szczesny has made his feelings on that quite clear, although the same can’t be said for David Ospina. However, what it obviously could mean is a number change to make way for a new goalkeeper *cough* Petr Cech *cough*.

Presumably, Cech would become number one if he transfered to Arsenal and with his medical reported to be taking place next week, it’s looking imminent.

Of course, as usual, this could all just be rumours and we could be making a fuss about nothing.