by Lewis Ambrose

After a long season which saw most Arsenal players struggle for form and fitness at various stages manager Arsène Wenger tipped Santi Cazorla as the standout player of the 2014/15 campaign

The Spanish midfield, however, disagrees.

Speaking at Puma’s launch of the Arsenal 2015/16 home kit, Cazorla said that Chilean Alexis Sánchez was more deserving of praise from their manager.

“I would have to say that unfortunately I don’t agree with Mr Wenger, Cazorla said.

“For me the player of the season is Alexis. He’s really shone and proven himself every day, always wanting to be better every time he’s on the pitch.”

Naturally Cazorla is thrilled that his manager appreciates him, but he thought Alexis was just a level above even his own performances.

“I’m delighted to hear those words but I would probably have to disagree.”


Alexis fitted into English football incredibly well and netted an unbelievable 25 goals in his first season for Arsenal.

The Chilean works incredibly hard and is understandably Cazorla’s choice.

Having said that, Cazorla had to fit into a new role himself.

The 30 year-old played far deeper than he has throughout his career so far and, in the absence of Mesut Özil stepped up when the onus was on him most.

In a new position Cazorla found new life, adding incredible composure and technical ability to the base of the Arsenal midfield.

“When Wenger told me this was what I needed to do I was more than happy to step into the new role. I did not feel I had to make any particular changes or work on anything new,” said Cazorla.


It wasn’t just Wenger who was impressed by Cazorla, with teammate Mesut Özil saying it was “fun” to play in midfield with him.

“Mesut’s words are a great compliment for me, I’m delighted to see where he’s come from and where’s he going at Arsenal.”

“He has shown really spectacular form since the injury.

“As a team we’re very content with the way things are going for him.”

I can assure Mesut Özil that it isn’t just fun to play with Cazorla, but it is fun to watch him play.

It is, in fact, fun to watch both of them as well as Alexis.

I don’t particularly care which of the three was the true player of the season, we are just lucky to have them.