by Lee Hurley

According to a report in the Telegraph, Arsenal will offer Petr Cech £100,000 per week, making him the highest paid goalkeeper in the club’s history.

The wage, if accurate, would also represent a payrise on what Chelsea are currently paying him with the Blues said to filling his bank account to the tune of £90,000 per week.

What started out like a fanciful transfer rumour has quickly taken on a life of its own and while PSG are still said to be very keen on landing the shot-stopper and have offered him £150,000 per week, Cech’s desire to stay in London sees the Gunners allegedly in poll position.

Much like the Gonzalo Higuain story of two summers ago, my inner cynic is not quite sold on this one just yet but there is no denying that there is not so much smoke coming from this fire as a full on London smog.

£100k per week would not make Cech the highest paid player at the club – that honour is shared by Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez who are on £140k – but it would put him up there with Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott as one of the highest earners.

The talk that he could well bring Christophe Lollichon with him is perhaps as exciting as Cech sigining himself, if not more so. With Tony Roberts leaving for Swansea there is certainly a vacancy for coach and Lollichon is about as good as you could hope for – the benefit to the club as a whole, let alone just Wojciech Szczesny would be immeasurable.

Just as these rumours refuse to die down so the ones linking David Ospina with a move to Fenerbahce only seem to intensity as well.

Should Wenger sell his current number one keeper after only one season it would certainly point to a new ruthlessness, perhaps directly correlated with his new ability to actually spend money rather than simply make do with what he has.