by Nia Griffiths

You know it’s silly season when we get linked with a world class goalkeeper, just as we’re supposedly about to sign another.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been linked to Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas. However, this time is a little more interesting due to the fact we’re supposed to be signing Petr Cech. Do we really need two world class goalkeepers?

Of course, it’s not necessarily a question of whether we need them or not – I don’t think you could ever have too many world class players in your squad – but it’s whether they could coexist alongside each other. I’m not implying that they don’t get along, merely that one will have to sit it out until the other commits a goalkeeping blunder or a cup game rolls around.

I don’t believe either goalkeeper will want to do this.

In addition, where would that leave young Wojciech Szszesny who has pledged his loyalty to the club and seems eager to learn and grow into his role? Would we sell him? Push him down to the reserves after everything he’s done? It’s a worrying thought and one of the main reasons I don’t believe we’ll sign two new goalkeepers.

There has been talk of Casillas wanting a change for a few seasons now and Arsenal have inevitably always been one of the clubs linked with him, given our past goalkeeping woes. Whether he just wants to experience another club and league before he retires or whether he’s actually unhappy at Madrid is unclear. However, he can’t be taking the move lightly considering it’s the only club he’s ever played for at the age of 34.

I don’t see it happening. We’ve supposedly contacted his agent and he is available for free but with the transfer of Cech right around the corner, I doubt Arsenal will be his destination.