by Lee Hurley

After a four-month investigation, the FA hit Arsenal and Calum Chambers’ agent with a charge on Friday.

It was an investigation that was kept secret and even the details of what was being investigated were not shared with any of the concerned parties, an unknown third party apparently unhappy with something in the deal despite there being no problems for the player, Arsenal or Southampton.

The charge itself, to which Arsenal have until 26th June to respond, was equally vague – breaching agent regulations during the transfer.

What does that mean? No-one seems to know or, if they do, they’re keeping it to themselves.

The FA’s statement read “The charge is in relation to the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton to Arsenal on 26 July 2014.

“Authorised agent Alan Middleton has also been charged for allegedly breaching The FA’s Football Agents Regulations in relation to the same transfer.”

Middleton has only been given until 17th June to respond to his charge.

Arsenal are, as you would expect, denying that they have been involved in anything improper. An Arsenal’s spokesperson told the London Evening Standard “We have acted in good faith throughout with regard to this transfer. We are considering our position and will make appropriate representations to the FA.”

That would fit with how Arsenal tend to do deals – we all know the total frustration of waiting for them to announce a transfer deal that has been announced everywhere days before. They like to do things the right way.

Of course, that’s not to say they didn’t do something naughty, but it seems unlikely, especially in this day and age when everything is scrutinised so heavily.

We’ll keep an eye on this as it develops and bring you any new updates as they occur.