by Lee Hurley

According to Sky Sports on Tuesday evening, Arsenal have agreed a £10.9m fee for Petr Cech.

This report comes on the back of the chaos that was caused when the Daily Mail claimed the same thing just a few days prompting Cech’s agency to deny the reports that a deal had been agreed.

Sky Sports state that ‘their source’ has passed on this information but if you’ve paid any attention to Sky Sports over recent years then you’ll know that it’s not uncommon for them to claim tweets they find on Twitter as ‘their source‘.

That being said, while Cech’s agency denied a deal had been struck they did confirm that talks were ongoing as they said no deal had been done ‘yet‘.

It does seem to be just a matter of time before the Chelsea man is announced as a Gunner with the talk being that it will happen before the weekend.

We all know that Arsenal love a good Friday announcement so who knows…

Should Arsenal land the shot stopper his first game could well be the Community Shield against Chelsea, but given that is a cup game, we may well see Woj in goal instead which, as much as we love the Smokey Pole, would be no fun at all.