After Arsenal fans heartlessly ridiculed Chelsea last Sunday for being ‘boring‘, Arsene Wenger has responded to Jose Mourinho’s sour comments in the most Wenger-like way possible.

During his press conference ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League tie away to Hull City on Monday night, Wenger responded to Mourinho’s claims that winning league titles isn’t boring and that, in fact, Arsenal are the boring ones.

Wenger said“The biggest thing of managers is to respect each other. Some people have to improve on that.”

On Thursday we reported on the Chelsea boss bringing up the implication that his team were ‘boringagain in his post-match press conference after beating Leicester 3-1. This time he insisted they’re not boring because they went 1-0 down before coming back and winning the game.

However, Wenger refused to be drawn into a public row with the Blues manager.

He also didn’t lower himself to the level of making jibes about the other team either.

Once again, Le Professeur has proved why he is a class above the rest.