There’s a lot of emphasis put on ‘winning ugly‘ in the Premier League.

When your team just isn’t at its best on that particular day, or luck isn’t on their side, grinding out a win despite not entirely deserving it is what apparently makes Champions. Being able to get points when the chips are down, as well as when you’re playing well, is what ensures your overall success.

However, Arsene Wenger doesn’t believe this is absolutely necessary if you play well consistently.

Speaking after the Hull City match, which we won 3-1 to secure a Champion’s League spot next season, the boss denied the need to ‘grind out more wins‘ when asked whether his team needed to.

“The target is always quality. We work very hard to get the quality of our game very high and I do not see myself telling the team that we don’t want quality. It can happen that you play well and don’t win the games but after 38 games the quality always dictates the result. Not always but most of the time,” he said.

Although in a perfect world Arsenal could play stunning football game-after-game, week-in week-out, sometimes it’s just not your day. However, quality can come from all over the pitch; it may be a magic interception from Francis Coquelin or a wonder-save from David Opsina – this is still quality – and I think this is what Wenger means.

And he’s right. If there’s a high level of quality consistently all over the pitch, we shouldn’t need to grind out wins.