Robert Madley will take charge of Arsenal’s final league game of the season against West Brom.

If you’re anything like us you’re probably going ‘who?’ right about now.

Promoted to the Select Group of Referees in 2013, the 29-year-old has taken charge of just one Arsenal game this season (the 2-0 win over Hull in the FA Cup) and three games since his promotion (1-1 at West Brom last season and the 4-0 FA Cup win over Coventry).

It’s no wonder we know little about him.

The West Brom game at the Hawthornes last season saw him book seven players, four of which were Arsenal players (Vermaelen, Monreal, Hayden, Arteta) while in the three matches he’s taken charge of he’s booked Arsenal players at a rate of 7:5, showing that he’s yet another ref who finds it easier to produce a card for Arsenal players than the opposition,

Referring just 29 matches this season, he’s shown 93 yellows and five reds, however only 14 of his games have involved Premier League sides, the rest of his games coming in the Championship.

In short, he’s an inexperienced ref at this level.

Hailing from West Yorkshire, he’s yet another northern ref and at times it does feel as if there is a law dictating referees aren’t allowed to come from the south.

That’s about all we can say about him really because he hasn’t left a lasting impact from any of his games.

That can only be a good thing.