Stewart Robson hates Arsenal‘ is just one of life’s facts. Just as the sky is blue and grass is green.

His latest jibe is about Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, who has become injury prone and has spent much of his career sidelined, which, according to Robson, is our fault.

Speaking to Talksport (as reported by Squawka), the former Gunner spouted, “We’ve seen it many, many times over the years that Arsenal’s players have been injured for long periods of time. Jack Wilshere is one of those players that I don’t think has been properly treated for his injuries.”

He even brought up the Manchester United striker, Robin van Persie, who, if you listen to Robson, you’d assume hasn’t picked up a single injury since joining Man United in 2012. When, in fact, Robin van Persie had one injury free season at Man United. The Dutchman has spent the majority of this season sidelined. I’m not entirely sure how this is escaping injuries by leaving Arsenal.

“One of the reasons Robin van Persie left Arsenal for Manchester United, was that he wasn’t happy with their medical department,” Robson said.

He went on to say how Wilshere would learn more about playing defensively at Chelsea or Manchester City, despite the latter actually having more goals against them in the Premier League than us.

He said, “I think it is the right time for Jack Wilshere to leave. He will learn more about the game if he went to either Man City or Chelsea. He would learn the defensive side of the game, as well as the attacking side of the game. He would a better all-round player. He can still be one of England’s top internationals for years to come of he gets the right tuition.”

Of course, I’m fully aware that Arsenal have had injury issues and it’s usually our bad luck when it comes to them that has prevented us from being more successful. However, as usual, it’s not Robson’s place to assume this and overlook facts just for the sake of sticking the knife in.