Santi Cazorla added to his impressive assist tally against Hull City tonight.

In a stunning long pass to Aaron Ramsey in the area, the little Spaniard saw what many others – footballers included – couldn’t.

The 28-year-old actually has the most assists of any player in the Premier League since he joined Arsenal in 2012 and now has an impressive 11 in all competitions just for this season (via WhoScored).

On top of improving his vital statistics, the pint-sized player was a joy to watch – as usual – and skipped, spun and tippy-tappied his way all over the pitch. He sparks life into the attack and when he’s on the ball, I always get that prickled at the back of my neck – that feeling that something awe-inspiring is about to happen.

He has this amazing ability of being everywhere at once, despite not being an incredibly imposing player physically, and the opposition find it almost impossible to deal with his movement.

He and Mesut Ozil turn football into an art form and today both were exceptional.