Last week, Arsenal fans had to go through the emotional rollercoaster that was watching Cesc Fabregas win the Premier League with Chelsea and now he’s been chatting to Chelsea TV about how happy he is with the Blues.

Apparently, the ex-Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder has been speaking about how Chelsea is like a ‘family‘.

“Barcelona was a team of individuals but now I am part of a family. The fans, team and owners are all together,” he said. “On Thursday I said this could debatably be my best move ever. After today’s atmosphere, I’m sure this is where I belong.”

In 2013, Fabregas made similar comments about the Gunners, while still playing for Barcelona. He described wanting to come back to Arsenal because it was like a family. “Arsenal are a fascinating club. They give you everything. It’s a family, it really is. The fans support you unconditionally, too. I couldn’t have gone to a better place,” he said (via the Guardian).

Ultimately, he’s not our player anymore and he’s obviously happy with the Blues. He’s finally won the Premier League, something he always wanted, and I don’t see him leaving our London rivals any time soon.

If it wasn’t time already, it’s definitely time to just let him go now and realise he’s no longer our boy, nor will he ever be again. He plays in a different colour now.