Liam Brady believes Arsenal will challenge for the Premier League next season and has backed the club after the difficulty of the past ten years.

As Jose Mourinho rambles on about it being boring to not win a title for ten years, his club has had ten years of unlimited funds, are still nine titles behind Arsenal and still play their football in a craphole of a stadium.

Brady, in an interview with the Sunday Times [£] absolutely nails it when he says “We are now in a position where it’s justified to say, ‘Well, you should be winning the league,’ but over the past 10 years you couldn’t have said that.

“We had to build the new stadium, build the club’s future while sacrificing five or six years of competing with Chelsea, Man United and then Man City.

“Unlike City, we weren’t handed a brand-new stadium. And unlike Chelsea and Tottenham, we don’t have a problem regarding a stadium. We went through a period of not being able to keep our best players: Henry, Cole, Van Persie, Fabregas, Adebayor, Clichy and others.

“Ashley Cole got a lot of criticism but I’ve no doubt about the best player to come through our academy. It was Ashley Cole. Also I don’t think it was all Ashley’s fault that he left. There were two sides to that story.”

Backing Wenger as the man to take Arsenal forward after all he has done since he arrived at the club, the former head of youth development added “The way he did the job through the tough years, always getting us in the top four, is proof that the guy has much, much more to give. I’m looking forward to him staying at the club.”

Can someone please send this to all the journalists out there so they might at least pretend to have a clue about what has happened at Arsenal over the past ten years?