The final league game of the season.

Where did the time go?

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we got our writers together for a short prediction on how they think the game will pan out.

And if you think we’re just going to throw these predictions out there and then forget about them, fear not.

We’ll be back to take a look at how we did and laughing at the person who got it wrong more than anyone else.

Lee Hurley Win 2-0

I’m backing us to end our scoring duck at home with a relatively straight-froward, stress-free win. Why? I have no idea.

Helen Trantum n/a

Already on the beach. Or in Vegas. Maybe both. Do they have beaches in Vegas? There’s certainly sand. That counts.

Stephen Bradley Win 2-0

Seeing that third is all but sewn up, I’m expecting to see quite a bit of rotation ahead of the cup final next week.

There will be one or two trying to get in that starting XI, Theo and Jack for example, and I expect them to be flying around the place trying to impress the boss.

Going for a comfortable 2-0 win.

Paul Williams Win 2-1

Who knows with Arsenal? I expect them to win, but then I expected us to beat Swansea and Sunderland and we didn’t.

Surely we’ll score a goal or two this weekend, surely? 2-1.

Sylvain Jamet Win 2-1

With a point still needed to clinch third place and a finishing problem in recent games, changes need to happen in attacking positions.

Expecting a 2-1 win .

Lewis Ambrose Win 1-0

Tony Pulis has never taken anything from us at the Emirates and I hope it won’t change.

Hopefully Theo starts. If he does I’m backing him to make the difference.

Arsenal 1-0 West Brom

Nia Griffiths Draw 0-0

I’m going to pessimistic here.

We seem to be having trouble finding the goal at the moment – although not for our lack of trying. We also don’t have a huge amount of pressure on us to actually win, so I’m going to predict a 0-0 draw.

Mark Fine Draw 1-1

West Brom seem to be on a roll even though Chelsea was really phoning their last one in. Us, not so much.

We look tired and out of synch, so I’m expecting to see a lot of rotation ahead of the FA Cup match – probably Jack, Theo and possibly Rosicky to start for Cazorla, Giroud and Sanchez. If not, maybe we play bus driver for a change: 1-1 draw, Berahino scoring first.

Anita Sambol Win 2-0

I’m not watching this one so it will be a win, 2-1, Giroud with both.

Charlotte Marshall n/a

Already on the beach. Or at the cricket. Or hungover. It’s one of those.