Arsene Wenger insists that giving young players a chance at Arsenal will always be important as it’s part of the club’s DNA.

Forced to rely on young players in the austerity years after the stadium move, a fact the manager acknowledged as he met with the press ahead of Arsenal’s next Premier League game, the manager now has the luxury of being able to add experienced world-class stars to his squad.

So unlike some other managers in the division who wouldn’t know a youth product if they kicked them in the balls, Wenger is committed to ensuring Arsenal maintain a fine blend of both.

“You want to do both,” he said. “Yes of course it is possible. We signed players like Sanchez and Ozil, 25 and 26, and that is a good age to perform now.

“We have as well players like Bellerin and Chambers who are 20. So we have both. The financial potential should allow you to combine both.

“Look, what’s important is that we give a chance to the young players. We want to maintain that.

“For years you could say to me: ‘you have no choice you have to play them’ – but we want to maintain that. It’s part of the DNA of the club to give a chance to young players.

“When all your main players get close to 30, you can’t buy a 30 year old player. You have to buy a player who is 22 or 23, because if you buy another player of 30 they all [finish their careers] together.”

Arsene finds himself in the rather unique position of having all-but-one of his entire squad to pick from for the game against Burnley.

Only Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been ruled out for the game with Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczesny set to undergo late fitness tests on their thigh and rib injuries respectively.