If he wasn’t a football manager, he could well be a life guru.

Many of the things that come out of Arsene Wenger’s mouth do not just apply to football but can be put into practice in the real world as well.

Clearly influenced by Zen and his time in Japan, the manager was it once again when praising Olivier Giroud who looks to continue his great scoring run with his 11th goal in 11 games against Burnley on Saturday.

“The target of everybody when you wake up in the morning is to be better than the day before,” Wenger said

“That’s the essence of our job to make sure that you improve everyday and if you are not capable of thinking like that then you are in the wrong job.

“He has accepted that and he has the right focus everyday to improve.

“I think it will be difficult [to break Wright’s record]. Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, they are quite high there so there is a long way to go. He arrived a bit late as well.

“I wish that he maintains his current record and then we will see how far he can go.

“I believe that he is in outstanding form since he has come back.

“He is playing his best football since he arrived in England. He is improving.”

With 57 goals since his arrival from Montpellier in the summer of 2012, it would indeed seem like it is a massive ask for the Frenchman to catch Henry or Wright.

But how much fun is it going to be watching him try!