Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho’s relationship isn’t one of the closest, especially in more recent years.

The Arsenal manager fuelled rumours of his dislike for the Chelsea manager during his latest presser ahead of the match.

When asked about the Chelsea manager, Wenger said, “I do not want to talk about that. What is interesting for people is when the game starts at 4pm we have a great game. It is not about the relationship between the managers.”

He was also keen to reinforce the idea that, although his history against Chelsea hasn’t been fantastic, we’re in good form and are capable of winning this Sunday.

“We have a good run of form and good belief and solidarity. We have passed many tests recently when we were questioned. We have another test on Sunday that we want to pass.”

As well as mentioning how it’s possible for us to win the title, despite it being in Chelsea’s hands, when it comes to the match, at the end of the day, Wenger described how a lot of it comes down to our performance on the day, “I think we have not always lost in 12 attempts.

“We have been close, having said that, the result on Sunday will just be down to the performance on the day. We are on a good run and we have an opportunity at home to beat them and we want to take it.”

The boss was also eager to praise Chelsea and how they’ve performed this season, saying, “Chelsea’s strengths are they have been very efficient on counter attacks and set-pieces as well. We have to nullify their strengths.”

Speaking about how a team can win the league, Wenger attributes Chelsea’s success this season to consistency, as well as their strength and efficiency.

“They have been very consistent until now. They have lost less than any team. The Premier League rewards consistency. On that front they gave been defensively very strong and consistent.”

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