Theo Walcott has revealed his career highlight to date.

Speaking to Thekiso Anthony Leiffi, the Arsneal man explained that it was actually an England highlight that ranks as his favourite so far.

“It is hard to choose, but probably my hat-trick for England against Croatia, which made me the youngest player to score a senior hat-trick for England!”

Out of favour at the club since his return from injury, Arsene Wenger has explained that it is more to do with his recovery from injury than the fact he can’t be trusted to do the defensive side of the job that sees the England man on the bench more often than off it.

With contract wranglings on the horizon as well, many are speculating that this could be Theo’s last season at Arsenal although the manager as stated a number of times that he wants to keep him at the club.

“I tend to listen to the right people in my career – coaches, the manager, teammates, family – as they are the most important people to listen to”, Walcott continued. “I think the best way to deal with criticism is to go out there and show what you can do on the pitch. There is no point getting drawn into reacting; just go out and silence people on the pitch.”

With Liverpool a long-term admirer of the winger, and Theo himself a Liverpool fan, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms to see him line up next season for the side Arsenal squashed on Saturday without him.