This weekend’s game is quite a different proposition to last week’s.

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we’ve gotten our writers together for a short prediction on how they think the game will pan out.

And if you think we’re just going to throw these predictions out there and then forget about them, fear not.

We’ll be back to take a look at how we did and laughing at the person who got it wrong more than anyone else.

Lee Hurley Win 2-0

A tough game is expected but as we seem to have realised that talent alone is not enough to win more than a few matches here and there, I expect us to match Burnley’s workrate. Do that and we know that we have the talent to win the game.

Fail and we’ll be in big, big trouble and with Manchester United right on our tails, that’s not something we want at all.

Helen Trantum Win 2-1

If there was any danger of getting complacent against a side in the bottom three, it should have been dispelled by Burnley’s superiority to our North London rivals last weekend…

There’s no side in better form than us right now and if it was any other time of the season I’d be predicting a comfortable win. In spite of their desperation though, we should have far too much for this Burnley side as long as we turn up.

I fancy us to do our usual ‘play really well and go two goals up in the first half, then concede early in the second and hang on desperately in the face of aerial bombardment’ routine for a 2-1 win. You simply can’t look past Oli G for a goal at the moment (one more to equal Wrighty’s eight consecutive scoring games) and maybe one for Rambo too.

Stephen Bradley Win 4-0

This, in theory, is the classic trap game. Great form, playing a relegation zone team, on TV. Should be a handy three points, yet somehow it turns into a nervy clench-fest.

Burnley will be keen to press and pressure us at every opportunity, but it’s not like this will be an end-to-end game. Fewer goals have been scored per game at Burnley than at any other Premier League ground this season (33 in 16 games).

Despite all that, I think this will prove to be quite comfortable for Arsenal. We’ve finally got a full squad to pick from, and competition will be fierce if everyone stays fit. I expect those who are in the starting team to try and show that they should stay there, and put Burnley to the sword. 4-0 Arsenal.

Paul Williams Win 2-1

With the goodwill engendered by Arsenal’s excellent form in 2015, this match feels like a classic banana skin waiting to happen. Manchester City can attest to how dangerous Burnley are on their own patch, whilst Spurs and Manchester United have also found the Lancashire side a tough nut to crack.

I don’t think Arsenal should be scared by the Saturday evening fixture, but we need to treat it with proper respect. Do that and there should only be one outcome, particularly with the midfield, and Olivier Giroud, in unstoppable form. 2-1 Arsenal.

Sylvain Jamet Win 3-1

Burnley away, the boys are in form and in second place at the moment. The momentum is great as well. It can only be a win if they perform properly. I think a 3-1 win is on the card

Lewis Ambrose Win 2-1

I am not looking forward to this one at all.

Burnley are organised and motivated. That’s about it, but it makes them very very difficult to beat.

They’ve taken a point off Chelsea this season. At Turf Moor they beat Man City and drew with Man United and Spurs.

Dyche’s 4-4-2 was broken down a few times in the game at The Emirates, but still posed us a little trouble.

The fluidity of our forward players should help us. Alexis, Özil, Welbeck, Giroud would all start if it was up to me.

I think we’ll nick it.

Burnley 1-2 Arsenal

Nia Griffiths Win 2-0

We’re getting to that stage in the season now where every match, every three points, is crucial.

Although our game away against Burnley is winnable – and I’m sure we will come away with a victory – we’ll be aware of the pressure on us to keep up with our winning form and hold onto second place.

As I’ve said multiple times before though, I do think we’re better equipped to deal with these high-pressure matches now, as we showed against Liverpool last weekend. We seem to handle it a lot better than we used to and therefore I’m not hugely worried.

Olivier Giroud is in form, Alexis Sanchez is scoring again; Francis Coquelin and Hector Bellerin have developed into mature, responsible players.

Not worried (I promise).

2-0 to Arsenal.

Andi Foster Win 3-1

Lets face it, I don’t have a great track record when it comes to predicting results. That said though, from the outset, I think Arsenal will win.

But it wont be easy.

Burnley play better football than their position dictates and as they are fighting to stay in the Premiership they will be up for this game.

The worst thing Arsenal could do would be to consider this an easy three points. Burnley have taken points off a number of clubs this season. Arsenal HAVE to avoid complacency but I think they will.

A hard fought 3-1 win

Sean Ferguson Win 2-0

Our form has been fantastic recently, anything other than a win here will be disappointing.

I presume we’ll go with the same line-up that started against Liverpool, maybe with Gabriel coming in for Kos.

Burnley will sit back and try and catch us on the break or from a set piece but providing we can get a goal in the first half that encourages them to come at as we should be far too strong for them.

Going to go for 2-0 with Giroud and Alexis grabbing the goals.

Mark Fine Win 3-1

Burnley are really a much better team than their 19th position suggests – especially when it comes to their starting XI and manager. They have all the heart and ability, just not the depth to consistently win in the Barclay’s Premier League. They make few substitutions because of that, and their starters just plain tire out after 70-80 minutes.

That said, they play a defence-minded game, as we saw the last time we met: it will take a multi-pronged, consistent attack to break it down effectively. Teams like Spurs don’t have that capability (can you say ‘one-man-team’?), which is why they came away from Turf Moor with a 0-0 draw.

We’re a lot better than that and should be able to systematically wear them down and pull them apart.

If we don’t do ourselves in, we should be able to win this 3-1.

Anita Sambol Win 2-0

Burnley away wouldn’t sound worrying to me at any point in the season, let alone now, when we’re in such a great form and playing really good.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or that we will under-estimate our opponents, but I don’t see how this could be anything but a win.

That’s all I’m hoping for too, three points, no matter how we get them.

I’m missing this match so it’s certainwe’re gonna score some world class goals!

With our main striker in top form, I’m gonna go with 2-0 win.

It’s time for a clean sheet, Ospina!

Charlotte Marshall Win 2-1

We’ve got a huge opportunity to open up a nice little gap over the Manchesters, as at least one of them is going to drop points on Sunday, and with an actual squad available I’m more confident than I have been in a long time.

This is worrying… 2-1 Arsenal with a nervy last 10 minutes.