The best thing to do when you’ve said something stupid is to admit you’re wrong.

At the very least, you should just stop talking.

The worst thing you can do is reiterate your original point despite being proven an idiot.

Michael Owen is an idiot.

A man who is more passionate about horse racing than football (Ian Wright told us that), Michael Owen, the man who just a week or two ago said Arsenal wouldn’t make the top four, declared that Raheem Sterling was a better player than Mesut Ozil before the game against Liverpool on Saturday.

After watching his former side dismantles by a rampant Arsenal side, starring Mesut Ozil who was everywhere doing everything, did Owen recognise the error of his ways? Did he recant his statement and beg forgiveness for being a moron? Or did he stand by his initial claim and make matters worse?

What do you think?

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This is a man who is PAID for his opinions on football. A man who said in the first half of Saturday’s match that it was clear the contract saga was playing on Sterling’s mind and then said in the second that contract issues don’t enter your head once you’re on the pitch.

With some pundits you could perhaps wonder if they are being deliberately obtuse in order to get a reaction, but you know that Owen doesn’t have enough of a personality to think of something like that.

This is his actual opinion.


Cash money.

From the money you pay BT.