‘Same old Arsenal, always cheating’.

It’s the chant of a small club that is annoyed they aren’t able to get away with persistent fouling.

In a game where there wasn’t much of note to talk about, it was the booing of the Burnley fans as their side fouled Arsenal every five seconds that really stood out.

Well, maybe not that frequently, they did tire in the second half and seemed to give up, but before that they’d managed 15 fouls and only received two yellows with Dean, the referee they thought was against them, refusing to book at least three other players for blatant pullbacks.

Arsenal committed seven fouls which seems really high (or the Burnely tally low) as the whistle seemed to be going constantly.

They also did that ridiculous thing of cheering when they got a freekick as if they’d been denied the whole game. They hadn’t. They were getting the fouls they were due while conceding their own. That’s hardly Arsenal’s fault.

Apart from issuing more yellows, Dean really didn’t have a bad game which is becoming something of a pattern with him recently.

It makes me a little sick to say that, but not as sick as Dean used to make me, so I’ll take it.