Mesut Ozil was one of the stars of the show as Arsenal dismantled Liverpool at the Emirates.

Scoring a brilliant freekick, the German answered many of his critics in the British media with a big display in a big game.

Tweeting after the match, Ozil said

ozil tweet2

(screenshot as the tweet kept deleting all the text below it in this post)

It was quite interesting to note that after the game the BBC were discussing the ‘hard time’ that the German apparently gets from Arsenal fans.

Do these people hear themselves? They constantly criticise him, ignoring all evidence which contradicts their opinions while the overwhelming majority of Arsenal fans defend him constantly and try to find out why the British media seem to hate him so much.

He puts in performances like this regularly, but I guess they don’t count because they aren’t against Liverpool, the darlings of the media.

Well he did it on Saturday and, as we said, delivered a big performance in a big game.

Paul Scholes must be so sad.