So yet another week and another game where Ozil was brilliant.

But still, there were some comments from a couple of pundits who give the impression they’re not convinced.

From Steve McManaman claiming his free kick wasn’t that good to Michael Owen stating that Raheem Sterling is a better player.

Surely they’re just saying this things to enrage?

I still can’t my head round that last one. Yes, Sterling is promising 20-year-old, who has more kids than trophies, but better than the World Cup winner? Better than the player that the Real Madrid squad and fans were gutted to see leave? Michael Owen is paid to say this nonsense, it’s terrifying.

How long until Paul Scholes pipes up again I wonder?

Anyway, how do Ozil’s creative stats compare per 90 minutes with other creative players in the league?

Let’s have a look

Ozil David Silva Eriksen Coutinho Oscar Mata
Games 14 (1) 25 30 (1) 25 (3) 24 (1) 20 (6)
Total passes 60.53 74.66 54.59 47.58 54.59 56.93
Total forward passes 34.20 43.52 32.12 30.64 32.31 26.37
Key passes 2.47 3.15 2.31 1.50 2.31 1.48
Chances created 2.84 3.29 2.38 1.67 2.38 1.69
Assists 0.36 0.14 0.07 0.17 0.34 0.20
Pass completion 87% 85% 82% 80% 83% 90%

So, on those stats he’s second to only David Silva, who has played ten league games more than Ozil as the German missed a big chunk of the season with injury.

Ozil has comfortably contributed more per 90 minutes than one-time ‘best number 10 in the world’ Coutinho, the apparent ‘best number 10 in London’ Eriksen and the underused-by-van-but-still-hailed- Gaal, Mata.

In 14 Premier league starts so far this season he has contributed four goals and five assists,

Imagine how good he will be when he has a full pre-season under his belt for the first time with Arsenal!