What seems like a hundred days later, the Chelsea boss is still harping on about the ‘boring, boring Chelsea‘ chants that rang out at the Emirates last Sunday during their 0-0 draw with us.

Most Arsenal fans have moved on because dwelling on a football chant seems a little petty…

The only people I see still going on about it other than the media are Chelsea fans and Gooners who are using it sarcastically due to the unwarranted attention this chant has drummed up since last weekend.

And Jose Mourinho.

For some reason, calling the Blues, who happily came to the Emirates with the sole purpose of parking the bus, ‘boring‘, has really put a bee in Jose Mourinho’s bonnet.

After the Arsenal game, he spoke in his press conference about how winning the league wasn’t boring and how perhaps Arsenal fans were chanting this at their own players.

After the league leader’s 3-1 victory over struggling Leicester City on Wednesday night, the Chelsea manager vented during his press conference (again) that their performance this time had been far from boring because they’d gone 1-0 in the first half.

“Tonight was not boring for me,” Mourinho said, “To be losing at half-time is not boring – it is pressure.”

Then, of course, he couldn’t resist having another swat at Arsenal, despite playing them several days ago.

“The way we played in the second half, against probably the best team we have played in the last month, was fantastic.”

He then somewhat strangely added, “In April everyone expected us to drop points against Arsenal and Man United, but April was the month that we destroyed opponents. We won every game except the draw against Arsenal so I’m very pleased. Now we just need three more points.”

You did drop points against Arsenal, Jose. I’d hardly call that ‘destroying‘ us.

Well at least the press have their new material for the next week, eh?