We all know how it goes.

Arsenal spend all season getting their players fit only for them to play for their national side and end up crocked again.

So how did the Arsenal players on duty over the past two weeks fare? Did anyone’s leg fall off?

Surprisingly, only one player picked up an injury.

You might almost think this was an April Fool’s joke, but it’s true.

While Aaron Ramsey was seen limping and touching his groin (steady), it was nothing the Welshman wasn’t able to shake.

Beyond that, only Danny Welbeck picked up any sort of problem that could rule him out of action against Liverpool as he tweaked his knee and was sent back to the club to be patched up.

Tomas Rosicky was also given permission to leave the Czech camp early because he was suffering from a cold, but that’s not really something we can blame on stupid internationals that have no place being played at a crucial point of the season.

With 15 players on international duty, that surely is a great return.