It seems like Lukas Podolski really has his heart set upon a return to Arsenal.

The forward, who headed out on loan in January, has found that life away from the Gunners is not as wonderful as he might have imagined and after already stating that he wants to return to the club, his Inter manager, Roberto Mancini told the media “In Italy we have a habit of not being able to wait. Not everything can be done quickly, especially when moving from one country to another, from one club to another. 

“The same applies to Podolski who I consider a great player and a great professional. The situation is then a little different because it is on loan and wants to return to Arsenal. So it will be.”

Of course just because he wants to return doesn’t mean that Arsene Wenger will find him a place in the squad.

With just one year left on his current Arsenal contract, the German World Cup winner still has some resale value but he could well be eyeing up a free transfer in what would be his last chance for a massive payday.

That being said, I really don’t think that is the sort of thing that factors into Poldi’s decision making process.

He seems very much like a player who just wants to play and be loved and perhaps he sees a free transfer as the only way he could get back to FC Koln, the club we all know he loves more than any other.