I’m confused.

Anthony Taylor refereed an Arsenal game and we didn’t lose. More than that, Anthony Taylor refereed a game of football and didn’t massively cock anything up.

Sort of.

If I was a Liverpool fan I would be asking where the second yellow was for Hector Bellerin when he fouled Raheem ‘going down anyway’ Sterling, but as an Arsenal supporter who has watched Taylor send Arsenal players off just for giggles I’m just going to say shut up.

He does love a two-yellow red, does our Tony, something we highlighted in our preview and he really had no choice when Emre Can barrelled through the back of Danny Welbeck, slip or no, it was a bad tackle and he had to go.

Apart from that, for the first 65 minutes of the game it was like Taylor wasn’t aware he was at the Emirates and then, suddenly he woke up. Clear fouls weren’t given and stupid calls were now being made.

But he’d left it too late and there wasn’t enough time in the game for him to really balls it up in that special way of his.

The game against Liverpool was a rarity for so many reasons, not least of all for Anthony Taylor not being a total muppet.