For over 20 years now, fans have been baffled as to why we have a dinosaur as our club mascot. Well, wonder no more.

Gunnersaurus – that’s Gunnersaurus Rex to you, pal – was originally designed in the 1993/94 season in a competition held for Junior Gunners.

The, at the time, ¬†artistic 11-year-old, Peter Lovell, was a lifelong Arsenal fan, as were his family, and the thought of designing the Gunner’s team mascot and seeing it parade around with the players was an opportunity too good to pass up.

He came up with the concept because he felt the Gunnersaurus embodied the ‘ferocity‘ the club stood for and, in his design, included that he wanted the mascot to be seven-to-eight feet tall and that the shirt should be changed as the team kit changed from season-to-season.

Lovell explains how he feels like the mascot is his son and one of the proudest moments he’s had as a ‘father‘ is watching Gunnersaurus Rex hug Cecs Fabregas, “I was nearly in tears,” he says.