Here is a quick roundup of news that has been around today that we didn’t get to cover in full, or was so lacking in detail didn’t really deserve to be in its own post.

We also include some info on upcoming features we’ve got coming up on the site soon.

Arsenal v Chelsea

Michael Oliver has been appointed referee for Arsenal’s match against Chelsea this weekend. Oliver is, of course, the referee that earned the affections of Gooners everywhere with his Old Trafford display in the FA Cup however Arsenal’s record under him recently isn’t actually the best. We’ll have more on him later in the week in our usual referee preview. However, if you think his appointment swings the game in Arsenal’s favour, make yourself some great money from this page on Don’t forget to send us our cut should you win big.

Ahead of the game Chelsea are apparently suffering a striker crisis with Didier Drogba joining Diego Costa and Loic Remy on the injured list. Like anyone thinks they had any plans to use their strikers at the Emirates anyway!

FA Cup final

Jonathan Moss will take charge of the FA Cup final against Aston Villa on 30th May. A pretty gormless referee, we’ll take an in-depth look at him and what we can expect in the run-up to the game in our Officials section of the Match Centre.


There is talk that Abou Diaby could be set to remain at Arsenal, even if the club don’t give him a contract, and we have more information on that plus why it’s something the fans should be proud of coming up later so be sure to bookmark Abou Diaby’s page or subscribe to our feed [you can also subscribe via email in the sidebar on the right (further down the page if you’re on mobile)]


Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla have been having a love-in and we talk a look at that later, just another reason you should subscribe really.


Palermo’s president has confirmed that Arsenal have made a bid for his young star, Paulo Dybala, but it’s got to the point now that he’s mentioned Arsenal so much I’m starting to think that it’s actually the president who wants to move to the club. Later on we take a look at how that story has been developing.


Not content with saying it once or twice, Michael Owen has reiterated that Raheem Sterling is ‘definitely’ better than Mesut Ozil. Definitely. As if there’s no room for debate. As we’ve already shown, Owen should be barred from having an opinion that he’s paid for.

That’s about it, really. There are some other tiny bits and pieces, mostly about wages and the like that we’ve got covered on the site and you should keep an eye out for.

Like last week, it’s incredibly quiet between games at the minute and it’s likely to stay that way until Wenger’s pre-Chelsea press conference when it’s likely to start to get very interesting as he (hopefully) messes with Mourinho and the ‘special’ one bites.

As we’ll be inundated with transfer nonsense over when the summer arrives, we thought we’d just ignore most of that for now before getting stuck into it and dismantling the rumours where possible when it gets to the point that it’s actually worth talking about.

Fun times.