Arsenal are set to offer Theo Walcott a deal worth £100k per week according to press reports.

The claim, which began in the Sun, would see the England man not really get much of a payrise which probably isn’t going to be something he finds too appealing given his tantrums over his last contract.

With Liverpool sniffing around as always and Manchester United and Chelsea said to be interested (although who can say if they actually are), Arsene Wenger is keen to keep Walcott at the club and if rumours are to be believed, the player himself is keen to stay.

Struggling to get back in the side since his lengthy layoff with a knee injury, it is because of this injury that he is not playing much according to Wenger.

Joining Arsenal in 2006, Theo will have just one year left on his deal when the summer arrives and as you no doubt remember from the last time, he has no trouble leaving it all until the last few months before he makes a decision one way or the other.

This time, however, he has significantly fewer cards to play than he did back then.