Alexis Sanchez is one of the leading contenders for the PFA Player’s Player of the Year award.

While he’s been quiet of late, the Arsenal man is thought to be included due to his early season form but it’s doubtful that anyone stands a chance of winning it besides Harry Kane due to the hype-machine that has been operating in regards to the Tottenham man.

In fact, as we showed recently, Kane isn’t even the best forward in London with Olivier Giroud outperforming him in all areas except total goals scored. Then again, Olivier Giroud didn’t have the luxury of playing in the Europa League and was out for three months with a broken leg.

But it is the Chilean who is on the list along with Kane, Sergio Aguero, Diego Costa, Eden Hazard, David de Gea and Jordan Henderson (seriously).

It would seem like Hazard should walk the award but he looks like he will be another to be sidelined because people are idiots. Although Hazard is the favourite of the bookies to follow up his PFA Young Player of the Year that he picked up last season, don’t underestimate the ability of footballers to be unable to think for themselves.

See, we’re not just biased in favour of Arsenal.

Well, not all the time.