At the weekend Aaron Ramsey snubbed Piers Morgan’s handshake and earned the respect of millions.

Morgan has spent the best part of the last few seasons lambasting Ramsey, calling him a ‘liability‘ (amongst other things) and refusing to even call him by his name, instead, referring to him as ‘whatshisname.’

After the game against Chelsea, Morgan extended his hand to the midfielder and Ramsey replied ‘I don’t think I want to do that.’

After the ‘incident’, Ian Wright offered his support to Ramsey when he told the BBC “It must have got to him.

“He’s [Ramsey] a quiet, unassuming man and just gets on with his job.

“Piers was pretty vitriolic. He’s very vocal about Arsenal and I thought Aaron was well within his rights.”

A few years ago, we did a piece entitled ‘Why Arsenal fans really hate Piers Morgan,’ the self-styled Arsenal fan who previously printed lies which resulted in actual Arsenal fans losing their jobs – a claim he denies. The piece, at the time, created quite the storm and even prompted the man himself to respond.

Since that time, some three years ago, little has changed.

Read it if you haven’t already.