Former Real Madrid star and Chilean Ivan Zamorano has been hailing his compatriot, Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Zamorano scored 34 goals in 96 appearances for his country and his one regret is that he never got to play with the Arsenal man.

“He’s playing at the highest level,” Zamorano said. “He has shown he can be a ‘leading actor’ in the biggest teams of the world such as Barcelona and Arsenal.

 “He’s not just one of the best attackers, but one of the best Chilean players of all time.

“I’m very proud to have played with some of the best forward in the world but I’d have loved to play with Alexis.”

Alexis was the star of the show when Chile played Brazil in the not-so-friendly game at the Emirates at the weekend. Despite his standout display he was unable to stop his side losing to the Brazilians.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to travel half-way across the world for this game and with that being Chile’s final game of the international break it means that Alexis will be relatively well rested when it comes time to face Liverpool.

Well, as rested as Sanchez can be.