I’m full of optimism in the league at the moment.

We’re on a decent run while not playing brilliantly but still grinding out results.

We’ve also got players coming back from injury or working their way to full fitness and with one or two still not playing at full pelt, I have a feeling a couple are only a few games away of playing themselves into form.

Third is in our hands.

We’re a point ahead of a Man United team who are also grinding out results, three points in front of an in-form Liverpool and four points ahead of some small time club from Middlesex.

Our run in is as easy as it could be, the only games that concern me are the games at home to Chelsea and Liverpool and the trip to Old Trafford in May.

A minimum of five points from those three games would be decent return.

Apart from that we play five teams in the bottom half of the table and the majority of our remaining games are at home.

Compare our run in to our rivals:

Man Utd still to play: Sp*rs (H), Liverpool (A), Man City (H), Chelsea (A), Arsenal (H).

Liverpool still to play: Man Utd (H), Arsenal (A), Chelsea (A).

Sp*rs still to play: Man Utd (A), Man City (H).

And let’s be honest, Sp*rs will struggle against some of the weaker sides in their run in…

Looking at the above fixtures, it’s hard not to be optimistic about our chances of finishing in the top three.

All those teams will drop points with Man United’s position looking the weakest out the bunch as they still have to play the rest of the top six.

I’ll never see Sp*rs as a threat, the only team I can see being a spanner in the works is Liverpool.

A much improved team since Christmas, they’re still undefeated in the League in 2015 and now without the distraction of the Europa League they can put all their eggs in the domestic basket.

As our own European adventure could be over very soon we would be in a similar position.

If I was going to be overly optimistic I’d put myself on the line and say that we’re in a shout of finishing second, however Man City have the easiest run in out of the entire top six so that dream will have to be put on hold.

For now at least.