As Arsene Wenger gets ready to send his players off into the international wilderness, he has been singing their praises.

Watching his side win their third away game in the past two weeks and take their winning streak in the Premier League to six games, Wenger was happy with what he had seen from his side against Newcastle.

The very definition of a ‘game of two halves’ Wenger believes his team were able to show two different sides of their game as they had to resort to a rearguard action to ensure they left Newcastle with all three points.

That was in stark contrast to the first half which saw Arsenal come flying out of the gates, looking to get on the front foot from the first whistle.

Speaking to the media after the game, Wenger said

“[I am pleased with] the spirit of the team and the mental quality of the players.

“They are outstanding guys and it’s a pleasure to see how they behave and a credit to the club as well to see that quality on the behavioural front and the desire to do well.

“I was very pleased with the resilience because it shows qualities that are important such as solidarity, the fact that we refuse to give in and on that front I think we did very well.

“We’re a stronger team today than we were in September and that’s down to the focus of the whole club, of the whole staff and the quality of work the whole staff puts in. Let’s hope we can go from strength to strength now until the end of the season.”

Although he won’t, Wenger could have a nice little break for the next two weeks instead he will likely spend it stressing over the fitness of his players travelling all over the world.

Just like him, we won’t be taking a break either and will be bringing you all the news from our players and how they’re getting on with their countries.