Money, money, money.

UEFA has announced that the prize money and solidarity payments to be shared between clubs across Europe will rise significantly, after TV and sponsorship deals for its club competitions rose by almost 33%.

This season, Arsenal earned £21.4 million for reaching the last 16 stage of the Champions League.

Next season, that figure could reach almost £30 million if they replicate those results.

However, due the way that prize money is divided amongst clubs, if Arsenal manage to finish third or higher in the league, and they win a knockout round in the Champions League, that figure will get closer to £40 million.

Add in the extra £20 million in domestic TV money that Arsenal would get, thanks to BT Sport buying the rights out of Sky’s and ITV’s grasp, and the need to finish fourth this season now becomes that little bit more pronounced.

After all, Theo Walcott’s agent and Stan Kroenke’s advisers won’t pay for themselves…….

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