Hugo Lloris believes Arsene Wenger is wrong about him and he’s not too good for Tottenham.

Well, he probably didn’t mean it that way but that’s the way I’m taking it.

Wenger, who is a huge admirer of the French goalkeeper, apparently once said that Lloris was too good for Tottenham and deserved a better club, although a Google search doesn’t bring up any results and I don’t remember hearing that before. (Bixente Lizarazu did once say it, however).

(Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

It also seems like a comment someone here at Cannon Towers would have remembered (no-one does), especially when it’s being claimed that Wenger says it often.

Speaking The Star (Malaysia), the Tottenham man said, when asked about these comments Wenger ‘keeps saying’ but no-one hears:

“Arsene can say what he wants, but this is the club I will stay with. I love the spirit, the philosophy and the people.

“That’s very important to me. Spurs play the football I love – exciting and entertaining.”

Wenger can, indeed, say what he wants (not that he seems to have said this in the first place) but as the law of the internet goes – repeat it enough times and it becomes true.

So even though we don’t think Wenger has ever said Lloris is too good for Tottenham or deserves to be at a better club it sounds like something he should say.

Why should he say it?

Because it’s true.

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