Saturday’s game against Newcastle wasn’t fun.

Cruising to a two-goal lead in the first half, the Gunners were a completely different side in the second as they conceded a goal, possession and control of the match.

Panic set in amongst fans, and why shouldn’t it? After all, Arsenal have thrown many a substantial lead away; only the realistic were on the edge of their seats chewing on their finger nails.

Saves from David Ospina, missed chances from Newcastle and an inability to find a pass all had us more than a little nauseous.

Then you realise that since Christmas Arsenal have gone two-goals up and conceded the third goal on six occasions in the league yet have won all six.

With 21 wins in the last 26 games in all competitions, perhaps we should relax a little.

Arsenal got this*

*Arsenal may not always have this and may revert to Arsenaling things up at any point in the future.