Out of favour with both club and country, Wojciech Szczesny has kept his council on all things football.

Until now.

Anyone expecting him to speak about his Arsenal situation or the rumours that he is set for ‘showdown talks’ with Arsene Wenger will, sadly, be disappointed however, as his recent interview is solely about how well Poland are doing in their Euro qualifying group.

The keeper admitted that he is ‘quite surprised‘ that his country are exceeding their own expectations, especially after their first-ever win against Germany back in October, having taken ten points from the 12 available so far.

“I’m quite surprised actually,” he told UEFA.com. “We were not expecting to perform so well. It looked like Scotland, Ireland and ourselves would be fighting for second place – first place was supposed to go to Germany. But we wouldn’t be satisfied with second now.”

Woj then went on to speak about his compatriot and great friend, Robert Lewandowski, adding “He’s a leader of this team, with a great relationship with the other players, especially the youngsters who are now coming into the national side. “We all try to help them, but Robert is really good in that role and it gives him that extra 10%. It feels like he’s more responsible for this team.”

It wasn’t just the striker that Szczesny had praise for, highlighting the effect Poland’s coach, Adam Nawalka, has had.

“The coach has brought a lot of discipline to the team,” he continued. “It was hard to adjust at first, but we all accepted it eventually. It works on and off the field – and gives us those few extra points on the pitch when we play. Every minute of our get-togethers is well planned, even our free time. Every training session is meticulously prepared and carefully explained. The discipline seems to be working for us.”

Perhaps that ‘extra discipline‘ could help him reclaim his spot at Arsenal.

Who knows?