Thought Schneiderlin was all signed up? You were wrong…..

At the tail end of the January transfer window, reports started doing the rounds suggesting that Arsenal had already agreed a summer deal for Southampton’s French International midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin.

As it turned out though (and act surprised here) those reports were ‘inaccurate(I chose my words very carefully there).

Fast forward to this week and you’ll see a stream of new stories that emerged over the weekend suggesting that Schneiderlin will refuse a new Southampton contract as he is ‘desperate‘ for a move to Arsenal with a number of reports suggesting other information along the way.

What is the actual truth?

Well firstly, the source of all of this weekend’s Schneiderlin stories is the Daily Mail.

You can read into that what you will, but it’s important to mention that the initial article focuses on Southampton looking to offer him a new deal to reward him for his work this season and to ward off interest from other clubs.

The report also mentions that Arsenal are looking to make a £25m summer move.

(Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)


There is no talk of personal terms being agreed. There is nothing to suggest Arsenal have already made an offer and there is also no mention that Southampton have agreed to sell.

When you look at this information logic would dictate that a new contract offer from Southampton would make a lot of sense as it would protect their investment longer term.

Schneiderlin wouldn’t have to sign it (and probably wouldn’t unless it included some form of get-out clause), but Southampton will want to do everything within their power to keep hold of him and to get as much money for him as they could.

As far as I’ve seen, this information hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Southampton, but it makes sense.

The Mail also mentions that Arsenal are ‘poised to make‘ a £25m offer.

I’ve highlighted three key words there as the Mail (and I never thought I’d be defending them) have not said that Arsenal HAVE made an offer (as follow-up reports have) and they have not mentioned terms being agreed.

There is little question that Arsenal are interested in Schnederlin, that they need someone like him, that they can afford him or that they have room in the squad for him (Flamini, Diaby and potentially Arteta leaving) so as far as I’m concerned the article is (at least) written with common sense.

Schneiderlin seems to be the closest Arsenal have had to being a ‘revealed‘ summer target in a long time (which probably means he won’t sign…but still…….).

However, the one thing I will flag up is an article from Sport Witness yesterday who have this quote from Schneiderlin himself speaking to Canal+ about his future:

“I have a contract until 2017. Today, I aspire to play at the highest level. 

“I haven’t been in contact with Wenger. There are clubs that are interested, but I haven’t agreed to join anyone. I am concentrating on my matches.

“I know for sure that something is going to happen.”

Schneiderlin could well join Arsenal this summer.

Alternatively I’m sure there will be a number of top clubs interested in him.

Who knows, he might well even be offered a new deal by Southampton before then, but a move to Arsenal (or anyone) has not been agreed yet – and if you read anything that suggested otherwise this weekend then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Unless, of course, that you read that he had agreed a move to someone else which means that I’ve been the bearer of good news, so Happy Monday to you!

This story is likely to keep going over the next few months so be prepared!