Tomas Rosicky will sit down with Arsenal after the international break to discuss his future.

The Czech midfielder, who admits that he came close to leaving the club in January, has found playing time hard to come by for most of this season and with his deal set to run out next summer, the 34-year-old could still have a future at Arsenal.

Speaking to the press in his homeland, Tom said

“Since the new year it started to improve, we started to play better football, what’s more I played (laughs). Compared to the first six months, it’s much better. We’ll see how it goes now.

“I do not really know [why I wasn’t playing]. The question is good, I would also be interested to know. You can go to the junket and ask Wenger directly.

“The coach gave me a chance to end the year against Queens Park Rangers.

“When you score a goal, of course, it will help. Also, it helped me, then the manager began to give more. But whether that was a watershed moment, I do not know.

“We talked about it [leaving in January] in past meetings in September, October. Then the transfer market closed, I could not do anything.

“When I did not play a single game in December and the market then opens, it’s obviously a very live issue.

“Then you start to think about whether it is time to leave.

“It was no exception for me, it was very vivid. But Arsenal said that I stay and that was it.

“The rest of the season will go very fast, then we will solve it.

“Arsenal and me is still an option for next season, they have everything in their hands.

“When I get back from the national team, we begin to deal with it.

“There were two options in play [stay at Arsenal or go somewhere else]. At the moment I’m in a situation where I make the decision myself.

“To be honest, [I thought about leaving in January] most intensively for sure.”

I don’t know a single Arsenal fan who would want to see the club get rid of Rosicky.

Despite his age, he still delivers on the pitch more often than not when he’s given an opportunity and his ability to drive the team forward is a brilliant asset to have, even if he isn’t used that often.

Of course, for the player, who doesn’t have that long left at the top level, his considerations would be significantly different to those of the fans.

Let’s hope the club can find a way to marry the two.