Laurent Koscielny is one of our most consistent players, and he hasn’t had a new wallpaper in ages.

Since he joined Twitter (finally), I’ve been on a mission to get him to use this design bellow as his Twitter header.

The deal was, if he didn’t end up using it, I’d make a wallpaper with it and let all of you use it.

Sadly, he still has a pixelated version of this very same photo, but hey, now you can have an awesome Twitter header or wallpaper.

Lolo, if you’re reading this, yes, you can download it too and put it on your Twitter!


2560×1440 above


1024×768tablet 2048tablet 1280iPhoneiPhone5iPhone6

Facebook cover


Twitter header


Don’t forget to tweet me or @dailycannon if you’re using it, and suggest who should I do next!

P.S. If you don’t like this one, check our archives for 2 more designs!

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Anita is a twenty-something Gooner from Croatia who creates wallpapers for Gooners from all over the world, tweets too much, mostly about Arsenal and food, and is married to a United fan. She likes Scandinavian novels, British music, Italian food and certain French manager. She can be found on Twitter @Arsenalofka.