Joel Campbell is not a show-off but he does like doing fancy moves.

That’s according to the player himself.

In an interview with Naicon in Costa Rican, the youngster, who is currently on loan with Villarreal was asked if he plays up to the crowds.

“It’s my style of play,” Campbell said. “I like doing fancy moves, but always for the benefit of my teammates and team.

“The idea is to find spaces open near the box and create danger. [It’s not my] game to show off, but to create options. It is something that comes naturally to me.”

Since his move during the January transfer window, Campbell has made seven appearances in La Liga but has yet to register his first goal or assist.

Quite what the future holds for him is not clear.

Signing a long-term deal with Arsenal before leaving on loan, it would seem like that was merely a move to ensure Arsenal protect their investment.

What is clear, however, is that should Arsenal decide to move him on permanently as seems likely, there will be no shortage of takes for the frontman who has already played in five countries despite only being 22 (Costa Rica, France, Spain, Greece, England).