You may have noticed the headlines recently.

First they claimed that Arsene Wenger disrespected Monaco by not shaking hands with their manager, now they claim he branded Leonardo Jardin a ‘liar.’

So what’s going on?

We had our French expert take a look at the quotes from France, you know, the ones that the British press hadn’t done their thing with.

Here’s his take:

Leonardo Jardim has claimed in his post game press conference that he did not shake hands with the Gunners boss after the second leg because of Wenger’s actions after the first leg.

Arsene Wenger replied on Tuesday in L’Equipe:

“I can show you the video: I did wait for the Monaco manager after the game to congratulate him. 

“He was enjoying the victory on the pitch with his coaching staff, something I understood very well.

“I congratulated him straight after the press conference.

“I am therefore surprised and disappointed to hear such lies.

“Saying that, I am wishing him all the best and good luck to Monaco in the future.”

It seems like it was a simple misunderstanding that upset the Monaco manager.

He seemed to have a lot of grief towards Arsenal as well as he also said the following things during the press conference :

“We are partying today, maybe because Arsenal did not show us the due respect in the first leg.”

Although it is not quite clear what he meant, he also remarked that

“The draw for us will be the same as the last 16 draw. All the teams are hoping to be paired with us.

“When Arsenal found they got us in the draw, they did as if they were already through.”

So, there you go.  A simple inferiority complex in play.

Wenger remarked about ‘lies’ and it would seem, despite the way it has been portrayed in the media, that Wenger was actually the one disrespected, not Jardim.

Perhaps the Monaco manager also felt a little put out by the reception the Arsenal manager received at his ground.

Who knows?