As we all know, Liverpool tried really hard to sign Alexis Sanchez.

We all know this because, well, for the first few months of the season, they never shut up about it.

But the Chilean chose Arsenal and we all had to listen to people connected to Liverpool tell us it was only because the club is in London.


Speaking to, Arsene Wenger has revealed how Arsenal landed Alexis ahead of the other interested parties.

It’s all very straightforward, so even Liverpool fans should be able to understand it – it was because he wanted to move to Arsenal.

Wenger said

“Alexis had a few options and he chose us because he felt that’s where he wanted to go. Sometimes a player moves somewhere and it’s not the choice that he deeply wanted. In his case, I think he really wanted to join us.

“On the pitch, the player has his needs. I felt that he came into a team that plays in an [attacking] way, where he can express his talent with freedom. It works out well for him. That helps.

“After, another step is that a team welcomes you with the values that you rate, and that in some parts of the team, you can feel at home when you need it sometimes.

“That means there are people inside the squad with a similar culture. For example we have plenty of Spanish-speaking people and I believe that helps to integrate people well.”

Settling in as if he was custom made for the Premier League, Wenger believes the fact that Sanchez has played in a number of countries has helped his adapt to live in England quicker than most.

The boss continued

“Alexis has played in Italy, in Spain and he moved clubs – that of course helps.

“The second part is that the move is a reward for what he really wanted.”

With 18 goals and 10 assists in all competitions this season compared to Liverpool’s boobie prize Mario Balotelli’s three goals and zero assists, it’s easy to see why they Scousers cried about it so much.