It was bound to happen really.

They never want them until they play for Arsenal and then they can’t keep their grubby little hands to themselves only to discard them a few seasons later when the novelty wears off.

Yes, you guessed it, Barcelona are starting to flutter their eyes at Alexis Sanchez, a player they only just recently deemed surplus to requirements in Spain.

Speaking to El Mercurio in Chile, the new Barcelona sporting director, Ariedo Braida, has been singing the praises of the Arsenal man and says he has no idea why the club let him leave in the summer.

The former Milan chief said

“I would like to have him in all my clubs.

“Alexis Sanchez is a great player, one of the world’s best in his position. I know him a lot. He has an exquisite technique.

“I do not know [why Barcelona sold him] because I was not at the club at that time and I cannot put myself in that situation.

“I just started my job [for Barcelona] this week. I do not know what reasons led the club to let him go but I can say Sanchez now is one the best players in the Premier League and is now at the top level in the world.

“Alexis Sanchez could be one of my players and who knows maybe in the future he can be, you never know.

“Five years ago, when the Chilean played at Udinese and started to be a star we had conversations to bring him to Milan but we couldn’t get him.”

I can’t imagine any world in which Arsenal would allow Alexis to leave unless the player himself pushed for the exit.

Given how quickly he has settled in the side, how he’s the star man whose name is first one the teamsheet, and the pure adoration he receives from the Arsenal fans, I can’t see that happening any time soon.

Off you go, Barca, there’s nothing for you here.