It’s deadline day!

The rumour machine has kicked into overdrive in the last few of days, linking Arsenal with a summer move for Borussia Dortmund’s in demand Marco Reus (again).

But what do we actually know?

All of the British reports initially stem from an article in Bild who report that Bayern have turned down the chance to sign Reus in the summer and that he is likely to move due to Dortmund not getting a European place.

The Daily Star then pick up the story by suggesting that Arsenal will make a move to activate Reus’s £20m summer release clause and that Reus will likely pick Arsenal over any of the other clubs that activate the clause as he wants to work with Wenger.

You’ll see lots of reports of this information floating around, but all of the articles flow back to the Daily Star as the starting point.

So there is the narrative, as we know it at least, but is there any truth to it?

Well, it’s a story that makes sense in part.

Arsenal are interested in quality players and even more interested in quality players with bargain prices.

I’m not sure about the summer release clause part of the story, but it is not an unusual clause to have in Germany.

With Lukas Podolski unlikely to return to Arsenal and Joel Campbell likely to leave for a Premiership club, at least on loan next season, Arsenal could well lack natural width.

There would be few better players to provide that than Marco Reus.

When you take into account his versatility as well (right, left or up front) and the German contingent already at the club you realise that he could well be a perfect signing.

On paper at least this story makes a lot of sense, but Arsenal will have to fight off a lot of competition to secure his signature.

Expect this to develop over the next few months as the player is expected to make a decision about his future.

There will be no move for Reus in this window unless Dortmund throw a hissy fit.

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Kevin Grosskreutz