Kieran Gibbs’ injury problems are well documented.

The left-back has struggled over the course of his Arsenal career but has been getting stronger with every passing season, reaching a career high 34 league appearances last season.

This season injury, once again, knocked him back, allowing Nacho Monreal to take his place in the starting XI but the England man believes that he’s close to being completely fit, although he’s cautious not to jinx himself.

Speaking to Standard Sport, Gibbs said

“I am nearly there in terms of being completely fit.

“I am not going to say I am completely over injuries because otherwise I’ll jinx it.

“But in terms of games and appearances, it has definitely been a positive over 2014 as a calendar year. I played a lot of football. When people hear my name, straight away they think ‘injuries’ but when you actually look at the numbers, I have to be happy with that.

“My worry when I was getting injuries was muscular — I kept asking myself, ‘why is that happening?’ The impact injuries I got over not too long after I did my metatarsal. It was just muscular injuries that left me wondering but now I am getting over it and am nearly there.I compare myself with other players in my position and see where I am. It is important to do that because it can make me set targets and stay on top of my game.

“I have got targets in my head. I don’t do it as a season. I do it in two halves. The next few months are massive for me to show I can put a whole season together rather than just one half of one season and another half of another season. That’s where I am at the moment. I want to make sure I have a strong end to the season so that I can then look back on it and push on.”

With Gibbs fit enough to be brought on against Palace at the weekend it could be likely that he is brought in to start against Monaco and enable Wenger to give the Spaniard a well-earned rest.